We all want to live in a safer, more responsible world, and one of the steps we can take as a society to move toward that goal is to ensure that our roads are as safeguarded as possible against disasters. Not only would more well-lit roads minimize road traffic accidents, but this measure would make it safer for pedestrians as well. Especially young women or children walking alone after dark can feel hugely protected and reassured by a well-lit street. So, for these reasons, we encourage all local councils and individuals with private roads on their property to invest in LED lighting for the streets. At most, this could be a lifesaver.

Creating a Safer Lit Environment With Roadway Lights in Queensland

Leading Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

In the USA, there are several main causes of road accidents, but two of the most common are speeding and drunk driving. Both of these are preventable and avoidable if people take heed of warnings about unsafe driving. Unfortunately, these problems persist despite efforts to educate the public about the risks. So, something that all local communities can do to minimize these risks is install lighting on all streets.

While installing street lights will not eliminate the occurrence of road traffic incidents altogether, it will significantly minimize the chances of someone recklessly driving into another vehicle that they have not seen in time.

Pedestrian Safety

As well as car-on-car accidents, we also need to focus on vehicle and pedestrian incidents. If you look at the statistics for pedestrian deaths due to road traffic accidents, you will see irrefutable evidence that we need better lighting on our roads. Nearly three-quarters of all fatal pedestrian accidents occur during nighttime hours. Moreover, most fatal pedestrian accidents take place in urban areas and away from junctions, where speeds are increased.

So, a combination of reduced visibility and reckless driving results in a couple of thousand deaths per year that are totally avoidable. On top of that, we can better protect the people, particularly women and children, of our communities by lighting all streets. This measure would make the roads a safer place for people to be after dark and make the streets more friendly and accessible to a large portion of society that does not feel comfortable walking outside alone after dark.

Why Having Roadway Lights Is Essential

For the above reasons – the safety of other road users and the prevention of harm done to pedestrians – it is clear that the installation of roadway lights is a vital step in improving the safety of our communities and avoiding preventable disasters.

If you think that your local area or private road could benefit from the installation of roadway lights, you should contact an expert today to discuss your options. You can read more about the kinds of lights and general price range online and come to a good understanding based on this whether or not you would like to proceed with the road light installation. If so, do not delay and get the ball rolling today, as this bold move can actually save lives in the USA.

Other Ways To Be Safe On The Road

As we saw above, one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents is the reckless speeding of a road user. Another is driving at night while driving under the influence is also a top cause of the disaster. All of these things are preventable or avoidable if you make the effort.

For instance, there is no need to speed or drive when drunk or high. The best thing you can do is to drive responsibly and never allow yourself into the driver’s seat if you are not 100% sober. Simple acts like this, and choosing to drive only in the daylight hours, will protect you from harm.

Creating a Safer Lit Environment With Roadway Lights

This has been a quick look at creating a safer road environment by installing LED lights along streets. This is a multi-purpose endeavor as it protects other road users from a driver’s recklessness or risk-taking, as well as the safety and well-being of community members, such as mothers and children who might like to walk home in the evenings.

Many road traffic accidents occur as a result of speeding or recklessness and many pedestrians each year are killed due to it being nighttime and the streets being urban, and therefore. generally, faster. The common theme with all of these issues is a lack of visibility and reaction time. But luckily, we have the solution! Street lights and responsible driving can save lives.

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